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How do I know it works?

Over the years Audiences London has had considerable impact helping our clients fulfil a wide range of audience development objectives, in areas including audience enjoyment, engagement, numbers, diversity and loyalty.

Read on to find out how our services have helped a variety of cultural organisations succeed, and contact us to see how they could work for you.

To have someone who productively questions your work and gives a useful answer when you cannot see through the trees is hugely valuable and has shaped my future ways of working."

Dulcie Alexander, Community Engagement Manager, Polka Theatre

Building a picture of an audience:

The Almeida Theatre, The Design Museum, Tate and touring companies like Talawa, Fevered Sleep and English Touring Theatre are all examples of organisations that came to us to help them understand their audiences. Read mini case studies here.

"This is a really important part of Tate's new research strategy."
Sarah Briggs, Senior Marketing Manager, Tate

"For touring theatre companies, AL’s research was invaluable in helping us show that our tour brought in new attenders to the venue we toured to.”
Jackie Friend, Marketing Manager, Talawa Theatre Company

Understanding the potential of the market:

The London Borough of Camden and venues like Hampstead Theatre and The Bush Theatre are examples of organisations who came to us to identify and engage specific potential markets.Read mini case studies here.

Creating sustainable relationships and communicating well:

We have facilitated many succcessful collaborations between cultural organisations and local authorities. Our collaborative projects provide a variety of opportunities for joined-up research and data-sharing.

Subscribe to me on YouTube  "One of the best things is not feeling like you're alone struggling with your orchestra or venue."
Karen Cardy, Marketing & LSO St Luke's Centre Director

"We now have an immeasurably greater understanding of the next steps for the company, and we couldn't have done it without your expertise."
Paul Robinson, Co-Artistic Director, Theatre503

The London Borough of Sutton, festival organisers LIFT and venue Theatre503 are all organisations we helped to build key relationships. Read mini case studies here.

Planning and strategic thinking for audience development:

We are able to help organisations put audience development at the heart if their work.

"They guided us into new territory, consulted with audiences and enabled the garnering of support throughout the whole organisation. We set up an approach which would influence future projects."
Clare Roebuck, when working as Marketing Manager at Camden Arts Centre

The London Borough of Haringey, local festival Write to Ignite and Kali Theatre are all organisations who came to us with specific strategic goals to support their audience development plans. Read mini case studies here.

Developing skills and sharing best practice:

We provide professional development support at all levels and help organisations ensure that they are working to the best possible standards.
Subscribe to me on YouTube  "One of the most important things for me was the sense of security that we're doing this right, and we're doing it in the same way that other people do. Without any formal training in this kind of thing, it was really helpful."

Sangeetha Sathe, Marketing & Communications Manager, South London Gallery