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  • DECORATING MADE EASY Get 6 golden wedding decorations, golden birthday decorations & 50th birthday party decorations in one set! Also great choice of golden wedding anniversary gifts for couples
  • ADD GLITZ TO ANY VENUE Gold glass and iron make these golden anniversary decorations, golden wedding decor ornaments and 50th birthday gold decorations simply dazzling! You'll love how they sparkle in the light
  • PERFECT SIZE Whether you're looking for golden wedding accessories, 50th birthday party decorations or 50th anniversary party decorations, the 15 CM by 15 CM ornaments are sure to meet your needs!
  • HANG THEM ANYWHERE Sturdy hanger loops at the top let you use these golden wedding, anniversary & 50th birthday hanging decorations to decorate the ceilings, doorways and even the furnishings!
  • HANDCRAFTED QUALITY Each 50th anniversary ornament is handmade in Old Delhi, India, for a level of quality you just won't find in other wedding, anniversary or 50th birthday ornaments on the market!
Gold is synonymous with wealth and luxury, and it's used to represent important milestones in life. Golden wedding decor brings glitz to a reception and makes for stunning photographs. The color is also traditional for 50th anniversary party decorations and 50th birthday party decorations as gold has long been associated with the celebration of 50-year occasions. Whether you're searching for golden wedding decorations, golden birthday decorations or golden anniversary decorations, this set of golden ornaments is sure to help you bring something beautiful to the decor for your celebration. Each of the golden wedding, anniversary & 50th birthday ornaments included in this six-piece set has its own unique design. Just as all snowflakes are unique and beautiful, so too are these wedding, anniversary & 50th birthday hanging decorations one of a kind. Their varied shapes add interest to the decor of any celebration, and after the event is finished, they can be given as wedding presents, birthday gifts or golden wedding anniversary gifts to the guest or guests of honor. What makes these golden wedding accessories and 50th birthday party decorations so exceptionally beautiful is their exquisite materials combined with their artisan craftsmanship. The 50th birthday gold decorations are made from the finest quality golden glass and iron, allowing them to sparkle under lights just like freshly fallen snow. Each 50th anniversary ornament is handcrafted from start to finish by an artisan from Old Delhi, India, who takes great care to make each piece of golden wedding decor truly flawless. The golden anniversary decorations included in this set measure 6 inches in length by 6 inches in width. Hanging loops are included at the top of each of the golden wedding, anniversary & 50th birthday ornaments, so they are very easy to hang. Make any special occasion beautiful with a set of unique wedding, anniversary and 50th birthday hanging decorations! Order now!
Brand ShalinIndia
Model NumberMPN-ATSS-2640
Item Weight499 g
Product Dimensions15 x 15 x 15 cm
Special FeaturesFirm, Adjustable, Hand-Knotted

ShalinIndia Christmas Decorations Set Includes 6 Hanging Ornaments for Birthday Party Decor Gorgeous Handmade Ornament Design B00LSNLI2W

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